Tuesday, August 10, 2004


When I started this blog--or rather, when I first started designing it, as I had conceived and laid out the blog long before I began writing--I had certain ideas in mind regarding what sort of blog it was going to be, and those ideas were connected to intentions I had regarding what sort of scholar I thought I was going to be, what sort of academic, what sort of citizen, what sort of person. So I came up with a rather pretension name, "Wäldchen vom Philosophenweg," to try and capture all that. I like that phrase; it's still meaningful to me. Intellectually, the idea of spending one's time walking through tangled thickets of thought is a good one; surely it's a better approach of the life of the mind than many others.

Still, over the last few months--as this blog has been on hiatus, more or less--I've become less comfortable with remaining attached to all those ideas and intentions, now well over a year old. I don't think I'm heading in the sort of direction--whether in terms of my profession or my research or my opinions or my associations--that I thought I would be. Maybe one could say that my original vision was deeply entwined with the work I'd done my dissertation, and now I've moved beyond that; that would be accurate, but incomplete. The larger truth is, I simply feel a need to be less obligated, less connected, to any one particular intellectual "take" on the world rushing past me. If I'm to have an internet presence, I want it to be a less weighted, more minimal one; a place where if my scribblings don't add up to what I once thought they would add up to, well, at least they won't seem (to me, if no one else) quite so incongruous or incomplete.

So anyway, goodbye to the old blog, hello to the new: In Medias Res. A better name, I think, for this particular time in my life. Please change your blogrolls accordingly. I've stuck with Blogger, partly because Blogger has gotten better, but mostly because it's still the easiest and cheapest thing out there. I'll be leaving this blog up and all it's archives up, since it'll probably be a while before searches start turning up the new place rather than this one, but I won't be writing anything more here. Hope to see you around.