Friday, October 17, 2003


Remarkably, Josh Cherniss has followed up his long post on the thread on conservatism over at John Holbo's site, the post I commented on yesterday, with another long and excellent post which attacks the original question of John's which began the thread--namely, are the traditional ideological clusters of contemporary America (cultural collectivism/economic laissez faire in one corner; economic collectivism/cultural laissez faire in the other) at all coherent? Most of those of us who have commented on the thread have said "no" or "not really"; Josh argues, in a contrarian vein, "yes" (or at least, "mostly"). It's a smart post, and worth a read. He's says he'll get around eventually to responding to my actual comments; if so, wonderful, if not, well, he's in good company...

Incidentally, to those few who have wondered: Yes, I am pretty much on a one-post-a-week schedule (Thursdays, usually), and no, that probably won't change. I doubt I'll have the time, energy, or inclination to be prolific in my blogging the way I once imagined I could be, at least not until the new year and next semester. But we'll see. For the foreseeable future, I'll be content with being able to put together at least one nice, coherent, interesting blog-essay each week; I hope you will be too.