Thursday, October 02, 2003

Plato meets Mamet

This was written a week or so ago, but who cares? It's wonderful. Thanks for the link to Chun's Mametesque philosophizing via John Holbo:

The Parmenides as Performed by the Characters in David Mamet's Heist:

JOE MOORE: Well that's the thing.


JM: No. the other thing.

BB: The many.

JM: What thing is that?

JIMMY SILK: Are you prepared to assert that we shall the find the single form actutally being divided? Is that the shot?

JM: You see, me and my men we know there's a single form for each distinction you make. We went in there and thought it.

JS: You have to admit that no such real being exists in the world. You're the help.

BB: (Violently) Oh. I'm the help. Suppose one of us is a master or slave of another: why then did the chicken cross the road? (Punches SR in the gut)

SR: (Muttering) The forms which we do not possess.

PINKY: I feel like the old race horse in Ibycus.

JS: The one in no sense is.

JM: Now can this possibly be the case with the thing?

JS: I do not think so.

JM: Then you hadn't ought to say it. It's insincere.