Thursday, August 07, 2003

Neither Tan nor Rested, but Almost Ready

What a summer. We spent time in Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, and Michigan, plus traveled up to the Canadian border at both British Columbia and Ontario...counting the states we drove through (however briefly), our family managed to visit a fifth of the whole U.S. And yes, towards the end, it was too much. We put over 800 miles on the car yesterday, just because it was really time to get home.

Posting should resume next week, and hopefully in a more substantive manner than in the past. The summer has been rewarding; I've a pocketful of new ideas, new perspectives, and new habits to spread around my daily routine, and some may result is some good reading. Next Wednesday is Melissa's and my tenth anniversary, and seeing as how part of the travelling this summer was undertaken for the catching a brother-in-law and his new wife before they headed off into the future, reflections on marriage and going the distance (spatially and temporally) have loomed large in my thoughts over the last couple of months. That'll probably come through in my soon-to-be-written posts as well.

I think about eight people have continued to look in on this blog over the summer, just to see if I've posted anything. Or maybe that was just me randomly searching the web from different computers. Oh well--whether monologue or dialogue, this blog is (almost) back.