Wednesday, August 13, 2003

10 Years On

On August 13, 1993, ten years ago today, Melissa Madsen and I were married in the Salt Lake City Temple. It was a Friday, so despite being at the very height of the marriage season in Utah, and despite getting married in arguably the single busiest Mormon temple on the planet, we had the place pretty much entirely to ourselves. I believe only five weddings were performed there that entire day. Don't ever say American Mormons aren't as suspicious as anyone else.

It was bright, windy and warm day (hot, really, but the breeze took the bite off). Not everything went perfectly according to plan, but most things did. It was a good beginning to our life together. I'm not sure how well I understood it at the time, and I'm not sure how well I understand it now, but I think that perhaps the most important reason it was a good beginning was the fact that we were both ready to begin. We were in love, yes; we had our families behind us, true; we had some good plans and goals and some sense of how to achieve them, absolutely. But I think, most crucially, we were settled on what we were doing. Forget about this single life stuff. A pox on the dating scene. To hell with being at loose ends. Real life--and real joy, and real wisdom--begins, as Telford Work so aptly put it on his blog last month, with getting "permalinked." We wanted to be committed, stuck together, sealed, put on the path and pushed out the door. And we were. Ten years on, I can't even imagine what might otherwise have been, or what may have been missed or what perhaps could have been better. Fortunately (thank you God), I find I'm really not even interested in wondering.