Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Slow for the Summer

Once again, I'm not blogging much. I'd like to think that will change at any moment--there is much I'd like to write on Habermas's recent essay on European identity, for instance (the best translation of which can be found here)--but in all likelihood I'm going to be swamped until the end of June, if not longer. We've just moved into a new house, and now I'm teaching a couple of courses which both meet for two hours every day through the end of the month. After that, we'll be leaving for three weeks to visit relatives out west (Washington state and Oregon). And in the midst of all this, I have to get some work on my book done. I'm going to have to adjust my schedule (and my expectations) if this summer is going to be productive at all. Eventually I'll fall into blogging pattern that works; but I can't promise when that will be--maybe not until August. Sorry.